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Not long now until you’ll be coming to Brenscombe for an amazing adventure

Your group leader will have a programme of your activities so you can begin to see what your week will entail. We assure you that it will be filled with fun, laughter and memorable moments.


Frequently asked questions

  • Each room has bunk beds and you will be sharing with at least one of your classmates or maybe up to nine of your classmates. Teachers will choose who is sharing a room. If you are not with your best friend, there will be plenty of time to see them during your stay.

    We know it’s pretty fun staying with your friends but make sure you get lots of sleep so you have the energy to enjoy the activities during the day.

    Teachers will be staying in nearby rooms in the same building.


    • 07:30-08:30 Cooked breakfast with cereal and toast options
    • 09:00 Pack bags, brush teeth and get ready for activities
    • 09:30-12:30 Activities kick off with your fantastic instructors
    • 12:30-13:30 Packed lunch break on the cliffs, by the harbour or in the trees
    • 13:30-16:30 Activities continue before packing away all your equipment
    • 16:30 Returning to Brenscombe to relax, have a shower and chat with friends about your adventures
    • 17:30-18:30 Dinner and pudding
    • 19:00 Evening activities, campfire or social time all followed by a nice warm hot chocolate


  • At breakfast you can choose between cooked food, cereal and toast. Your teachers will tell our cooks about any dietary requirements you have and our cooks will then make sure you get the right meals. Every evening there is a scrumptious pudding after the main meal.

    You will choose your own packed lunch sandwich filling in advance and will also get delicious snacks such as brownies and flapjack, keeping you fueled up and ready for the next adventure!

  • We will share a kit list with your teachers who will then pass it to your parents. The list includes everything you need to bring but below are a couple of top tips-

    • Don’t bring valuables such as electronics as you will be far too busy with activities to play with them.
    • We also suggest you don’t bring new or expensive clothes as the nature of outdoor activities means you may get a little wet and muddy.
    • During your watersports, we recommend you wear an old pair of trainers so if you have a pair on its last legs, save them. You can’t wear flip-flops, sliders or Crocs during watersports as they get lost in the water too easily.
    • Don’t forget a large water bottle
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