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Canoeing with Brenscombe


Like The Big Canoes but smaller!

Versatile and highly manouvreable these craft are ideal for exploring the narrow waterways of Poole Harbour such as the River Piddle, the River Frome and the creeks of the south side of the harbour. Carrying up to three people they can be used for overnight expeditions, day journeys or skills training.

Canadian canoeing with Brenscombe Outdoor Centre

Exciting way to explore the shoreline

Canadian canoeing with Brenscombe Outdoor Centre

With a fleet of six canoes at our disposal we can have up to 72 people afloat at any time which forms an impressive Armada. 


Latest News

  • Complete Instructor Training Programme

    We are now taking applications for the 2017/2018 Complete Instructor training Programme. A high quality programme with a small group size to maximise learning. More details.

  • Jobs at Brenscombe

    We currently have the following positions available at Brenscombe.

    Housekeepers (various positions - part time, seasonal and permanent) @ £7.00 an hour

    Please contact 01929 481222 for more information